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Sep. 20, 201899 Min.
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A group of former mercenaries reunite to plan an epic heist: boosting a truck full of medicine held by a foreign intelligence agency to supply a refugee camp in need. But when they find the truck is actually filled with stolen gold, the band of brothers realize they’ve been double-crossed by one of their own – and putting the situation right will be all out war.

狮王(郑伊健 饰)、火山(陈小春 饰)、Bill(谢天华 饰)、淡定(钱嘉乐 饰)、老鼠(林晓峰 饰)五个出生入死的兄弟,在恩师曹sir(曾志伟 饰)的带领下,为了救济儿童而偷取特效药,却惨遭设局,陷入枪林弹雨的险境之中。兄弟们抱着视死如归的豪情,展开一连串的追查与激战。他们明白,即使无法活着回来,也比一人活着痛快!

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Original title黃金兄弟

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